Message from the President

The environment surrounding companies has been changing remarkably in recent years, with the advance of globalization, changes in industrial structures, and extreme weather conditions worldwide due to global environmental changes, and a shift in thinking and technological innovation to meet the needs of these times is becoming an increasingly important challenge for companies.
The quality and usage of the abrasive cloth itself has also changed significantly in response to the diversifying needs of industry due to remarkable technological innovation and technological development.

Kovax Corporation began operations in 1930 as a manufacturer of Coated Abrasive Products.
For over a century, we have been working on further technological innovation and the development of unique products while incorporating renewable energy and being friendly to the earth, and we are also vigorously developing abrasive tool technology to make sanding itself "working easier and more enjoyable".

KOVAX's management philosophy is, “working easier, more enjoyable, more enriching”.
While our primary goal is to be a company that is always there for our customers and aims to create a free and open-minded company atmosphere where each of our employees can make the most of their aptitudes and abilities to achieve both the further development of our business and fulfilling lives for our employees and find their jobs rewarding.

We, KOVAX Corporation will continue to anticipate change with its own creativity and tireless technological development efforts, with your support.
And committed to further strengthening our corporate structure to ensure the enriched lives of our employees and the development of our business, as well as to meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse and sophisticated industry.Hironori Isono, President

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